Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Killer Butts of Rio's Carnaval: How Do They Do It?

A few of the killer butts on display during Rio de Janeiro's daring 2015 Carnaval parades. How do these women achieve such sublime bodily perfection? See below and to the right for workout DVDs, books and tips to help you achieve hips of glory.

Beautiful Butt Secrets

It seems shapely backsides are more fashionable than ever. Witness the many images of curvaceous stars on the pages of celebrity magazines, the popularity of $150-a-pair low-rise jeans, and even Justin Timberlake's hit pop song "SexyBack."
Everywhere you turn, eyes are on bottoms. And whatever the shape of your butt, chances are, you want to improve upon it.
"At the very least, 99% of the women I train want to work with the glutes," says Paul Sorace, a trainer in Bayonne, N.J.
Just as many men equate having a muscular chest with being buff, for lots of women, "having a fit body is having a tighter set of buns," says Sorace.
"If a woman feels confident about having great glutes, she's not too shy to show it off," adds Marilyn Gansel, a fitness trainer and owner of wellness studios in Stanford and Kent, Conn. "People are starting to see that curves are sexy."
But can we actually get those round, lifted, and chiseled derrieres so many of us covet?

More perfect rear end help:

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