Thursday, February 23, 2012

Building a Brazilian Body

What does it take to have a hot Brazilian body? Good Nutrition and a fun exercise routine.

Yes that's right no gruelling workouts- unless you like that sort of stuff.

The Brazilian diet consists of whole grains, vegetables, hearty meals and fun meal times together with family and friends. If you want a body like a Brazilian your going to have to eat and love it!

In addition have you noticed Brazilian men and women love to dance, typically the samba? Samba is a high energy latin dance genre and yes the kilos will fall off if you decide you want to shake your booty in a Brazilian dance class or your alternative which is just as effective is ZUMBA.

So do you have what it takes to have a brazilian body? Go out and enjoy eating wholesome nutritious foods and start dancing!

--from Gabrielle Maston Dietician & Exercise Physiologist

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