Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brazilian Wax & Workouts: How to Be a Natural Brazilian Beauty

Brazilian Wax and Workouts… 
How To Be A Brazilian Beauty, Naturally

by Laurel House

Want to have the kind of body that a Brazilian bathing suit was designed to drape over? When traveling to Rio de Janiero, the city that, to many, pretty much defines the ideal image of “beauty,” it’s no shocker your average chick might for a moment wonder: “what trade tricks can I pick up…” And that was my mindset when I boarded the American Airlines non-stop flight from Dallas to Rio. Ok, so I didn’t just board, I did a pre-flight Quickie Workout (pretty much the greenest workout around) while standing at the gate waiting to board (after all, I was about to endure a 10.5 hr flight and I wanted to get my metabolism pumping), plus butt squeezes and knee lifts mid-flight to keep the circulation going and minimize my chances of a blood clot… ok, so it was also a last ditch to tighten my backside in preparation for that feared/loved Brazilian bikini. READ MORE at Planet Green.

Create your own perfect rear end:

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