Friday, April 27, 2018

Brazilian Goddess

Actress Juliana Paes is an example of the
seductive charm and beauty of Brazilian women

One of the secrets of Brazilian women: work out!
Create your own perfect rear end:

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The Secrets of the Brazilian Women

Why are Brazilian women so sexy?
How do they do it?
What are the secrets to their charm?
Read this blog and find out

One secret is that they spend hours
doing exercises for their ass and thighs!

Create your own perfect rear end:

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How to Get a Brazilian Butt (Among Other Enviable Attributes)

Brazilian women are generally regarded as the sexiest women in the world. There are arguably more beautiful women in Brazil than in any other country. And we are speaking of both inner and outer beauty. Brazilian women cultivate their natural beauty and glow with femininity and charm and intelligence. Even a Brazilian women with average looks can make herself hotter and sexier than a typical woman from elsewhere. How do they do it?

One of their greatest assets is the bunda (butt). Brazilian women, on the whole, have the greatest butts in the world. Again, how do they do it?

Read on and discover the health and beauty secrets of brasileiras in regards to health, beauty, great butts, fabulous figures, charm, and inner strength.

Achieving a Shapely Rear End

 Here are more shapely rear ends, and see the DVDs, books and articles below and above to learn how to have one!

Killer Butts of Rio's Carnaval: How Do They Do It?

A few of the killer butts on display during Rio de Janeiro's daring 2015 Carnaval parades. How do these women achieve such sublime bodily perfection? See below and to the right for workout DVDs, books and tips to help you achieve hips of glory.

Beautiful Butt Secrets

It seems shapely backsides are more fashionable than ever. Witness the many images of curvaceous stars on the pages of celebrity magazines, the popularity of $150-a-pair low-rise jeans, and even Justin Timberlake's hit pop song "SexyBack."
Everywhere you turn, eyes are on bottoms. And whatever the shape of your butt, chances are, you want to improve upon it.
"At the very least, 99% of the women I train want to work with the glutes," says Paul Sorace, a trainer in Bayonne, N.J.
Just as many men equate having a muscular chest with being buff, for lots of women, "having a fit body is having a tighter set of buns," says Sorace.
"If a woman feels confident about having great glutes, she's not too shy to show it off," adds Marilyn Gansel, a fitness trainer and owner of wellness studios in Stanford and Kent, Conn. "People are starting to see that curves are sexy."
But can we actually get those round, lifted, and chiseled derrieres so many of us covet?

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Brazilian Women Have Gorgeous Butts

Why Brazilian women have such nice “derrieres”
 So let me let out a secret which Brazilian women know well: why do Brazilian women have such perfect perky and round butts? One of the reasons is the right mixture of African, Indian and European bloods. That gave women the roundness and plumpness factor. Not too many flat pancakes walking around :)
The second reason is that Brazilian women work out, walk a lot and eat healthier than their American counterparts. Therefore, even if they have bigger hips and more meat in that region of their bodies, it is never too big. It is often toned and hard.
Brazilian culture as I have pointed out in this blog is a lot more appearance oriented.  The mostly warm weather makes women show their bodies more. The butt is the favorite part of every Brazilian man. The butt is glorified in Brazil. It is all about the butt (just like in America it is all about large breasts).  So attention is given to this important part of the body!
Now here is the third reason why almost every butt in the street seems nice: the Brazilian underwear! Brazilian women in general wear panties that “lift” the buttocks. They never wear granny pants which I so often see in America (all those horrible panty lines). And they are not big fans of g-string underwear (have you ever worn anything more uncomfortable, I hate them!). 
 Instead, the V-cut panty is very popular there. It leaves panty lines if worn with very tight pants, but it also lifts saggy buttocks and makes them perkier. So there, I let the cat out of the bag!
The same applies to bikinis. Contrary to what many Americans think, Brazilian women do not go topless at the beach or swimming pools.  It is considered nudity and offensive. If a woman tries to take her top off in a Brazilian beach, people may call the cops, especially if there are children and families around. But the bikinis are very small. Somehow, none of that seems offensive.
You do not see women with big bikini bottoms. We call the American cut which covers both cheeks “diapers”. And you do not see too many g-strings in Brazilian beaches anymore,  they had some popularity in the early 90′s but I guess Brazilians thought they showed too much and were somewhat vulgar, unclassy. So again, the V-cut wins for bikinis as well, lifting the butt cheeks and creating the so called Brazilian butt.
Maybe this post will make American lingerie makers pay more attention to the V cut.